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Progress… ish.

Sunday, April 6th, 2014


S – 1200 kcal consumed, 0 miles walked, 100 kcal exercised:  -10 pts

S –  990 kcal consumed, 2 miles walked, 0 kcal exercised: 20 pts

M – 2200 kcal consumed, 2 miles walked, 0 kcal exercised: -100 pts

T – 995 kcal consumed, 2 miles walked, 0 kcal exercised: 20 pts

W – 1340 kcal consumed, 2 miles walked, 0 kcal exercised: -20 pts

T – 990 kcal consumed, 1 mile walked, 100 kcal exercised: 20 pts

Last week’s weight: 103.9 kg

This week’s weight: 103.7 kg

Weight difference: -0.7 kg (25 pts)

Total ponts: -45

Progress… ish.

So, technically I weigh less than I did last week, in real terms my weight hasn’t really shifted all that much, which is something that I lay squarely at the feet of comfort-eating.

Comfort-eating’s probably one of my greatest enemies in my grand goal of weight-loss. As many of you know, I’m constantly fending off my old friends depression, anxiety and low self-esteem (all qualities that make me exceptionally well-suited to a career in creativity, of course). Eating is one of my favourite activities, as it requires relatively little effort for a good return on enjoyability. While this would be fine if I were content to stick to fruit and other healthy alternatives, I don’t get the same level of satisfaction as if I were to have something stodgy and substantial.

What I’ve discovered this week was quite effective in curbing the cravings, on Thursday night in particular, was simple monitoring of my weight. Weight really should be something that’s measured over longer time periods in order to eliminate minor variations. However, when faced with the temptation to eat more than I should, simply viewing how much progress I have to make is an excellent way of convincing myself to stick to the plan.

Of course, this is strong negative conditioning; not particularly useful during my darker moods. However, as it’s getting lighter, I’m finding it easier to motivate myself to do more exercise. When I do my exercise, I do genuinely feel better. I feel invigorated, my mood improves, and my appetite actually decreases. Definitely an avenue worth pursuing, I reckon!

Here’s to better results next week!