Adventures in Weight Loss!

New Year, Same Diet!

Holiday overeating getting you down?

Post Holiday Blues? Cheer up, it’s time to lose weight again! :D

Happy New Year, everyone! Well, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break, and you all made the most of it; I certainly did, and now my weight has gone back up just a wee bit to 103 kg. Worry not! I’m back on the diet, and full normal service will be resumed this week.

I don’t think it’ll take too long to get rid of the weight that’s returned. Since it was a lot of eating in such a short space of time, I doubt that my body has had sufficient time to convert it into long-term fat reserves.

Spealing of long-term fat reserves, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be hitting them soon, and that then the only real way to get rid of them is to exercise more. It’ll be interesting to see how I fit that in!

Anyway, welcome back, and remember: Even if you ate a bit more over Christmas, and you may have put on a bit of weight that you feel you could dow without, just remember; You’re doing something to help yourself. You’re imrpoving your life, consciously and conscientiously, and that’s something to celebrate!


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